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Untapped opportunities. Strategic diversification.

IIFL Asset Management pioneered the Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) in India. Each of our alternative funds reaches beyond the mainstream investment universe and taps into unique opportunities regardless of boundaries.

AIFs offer a chance for our investors to go off the beaten track and invest in securities that are unavailable to the common investor. Real estate, venture capital, hedge funds, commodities, pre-IPO placements and derivative contracts can bolster the portfolio, mitigate risk and spur returns. While AIFs can also invest in listed equities, the structure allows for investments in securities which are unavailable under the traditional mutual fund platform.

Alternative Investment Funds are offered as private placement. For more details, please write to us at

Our Funds

Our Seed Venture Fund is a one-of-a-kind fund-of-fund which provides access to top fund managers in private equity.

IIFL Special Opportunities Fund invests in pre-IPO opportunities and IIFL Real Estate Fund invests in fixed income real estate opportunities.

Our Expertise

Our global presence backed by local expertise helps us bring professional services to investors across the world.

Indian investors can benefit from offshore services by diversifying their holdings to foreign shores. They can leverage assistaneĀ on foreign assets and investment opportunities from our team of experts.


At IIFL Asset Management, our funds and operations are aligned with our investorsā€™ interests.

We forgo fixed management fees in favour of performance-based compensation for some of our funds. An external team supports the investment team with insights, experience and governance best practices.

Our unique corporate structure ensures managers and employees have a stake in the business through long-term wealth creation for our investors. Our investor-first approach places trust before profit.

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